Using the power of the mind

Guided Imagery and Mindful Meditation

Have you ever daydreamed, just letting the imagination drift and dream? We’ve all done it. Sometimes we’ve daydreamed and even felt guilty for wasting time. Now you can use that ability, making it more focused, more present. Using it to reduce distress, discomfort and promote a sense of calm, wellbeing and empowerment

We now know that the connection between the mind and body is very strong. Over the past ten years, internationally recognized pharmacologist Dr. Candace Pert has done pioneering work that demonstrates clearly, our moods and understanding are not simply electrical impulses. They are also coded in the neuropeptides, or messenger molecules, released into our bloodstream.

Many of our problems are caused by negative programs running in the unconscious mind. This happens because we have picked up ways of thinking and acting that are unhelpful and can make us feel distressed, even unwell. When these ways of thinking or acting are reinforced, the brain chemistry is affected.

To feel better there is a need to interrupt these patterns and install new ones that create positive feelings. Not unlike installing new software on a computer.

One of the ways to reprogram the mind is to use Guided Imagery, Mindful Meditation, or Integrated Imagery. It is a way of using the power of the mind to make changes in our life, making our lives better and so much more satisfying.

It doesn’t always mean it can get rid of all the discomfort, pain and distress but it can reduce or minimize problems and sometimes eliminate them. Practicing Mindful Meditation or Guided Imagery in a consistent way can be beneficial for the positive effects it has on whatever area or problem you decide to focus on. Mindful practices can also be beneficial in reducing overall stress.

Guided Imagery has been used for many years to help cancer patients reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Also giving patients a sense of empowerment.

Research has shown the benefits of hypnosis and Guided Imagery for use with people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), now widely used by many hypnotherapists.

Mindful Meditation and Guided Imagery can be used to help reduce pain, stress and many other problems that affect our lives.

Jean Thomas BSc Psych. PDCHyp. DBSCH.

Clinical Hypnotherapist.

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