Colon Therapy

Colonics (Colon Hydrotherapy) has been around for decades.

Why irrigate your bowel? Over time, the colon can become prolapsed in shape due to several pounds of accumulated fecal matter. A sluggish bowel, from years of stagnant lifestyle, poor diet compounded by stress can take a toll on your colon which can result in the putrefaction of waste that remains in the colon too long.There are many factors as to why the bowel sits this way including “baby, you were born with it”, injury (falls on your back/tailbone etc), lifestyle choices etc.

A healthy colon is essential to a healthy body. Colon Hydrotherapy is a very, effective treatment for those who chronically have constipation, or have an acute situation.

Gently irrigating the large intestine with warmed, filtered water (like a bath for your colon) helps combat old fecal stuck in the crevasses of this bendy, stretchy organ. Colonics is safe and effective in aiding to restore the vitality and natural rhythm.  

About the room:

As the water continuously flows, water soaked up by the fecal starts to soften and loosen stool and finally flows away through tubing that goes directly into septic - so no smell and completely sanitary.  We use old school - gravity (no machines). Our equipment is Public Health of York Region approved. It is sanitized with 6% hydrogen peroxide and Caviside.

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