About the founder

A gentle and intuitive practitioner, Annette Nolan has helped many people get in touch with the inner wisdom and guidance we all possess. Softly, and with great compassion, she leads her clients to this place where profound and life changing insights are possible and occur often.

In her sessions, Annette uses various modalities, including The Journey™ process pioneered by Brandon Bays, to help her clients achieve a sense of peace. Her mandate is to lead her clients to the freedom that is naturally present when they release the patterns that they run and that run them.

“I just love what I do, because I love helping people. I love to be able to help people work through whatever issues they have with ease and grace. I believe The Journey Process and other processes I have incorporated into my sessions, provide a gentle and effective method of achieving an inner sense of peace.”~Annette Nolan
Annette’s sessions are both powerful and at the same time incredibly gentle. From the moment you enter her relaxing environment, you feel tremendously supported and understood. Because Annette works straight from her soul to yours, a session with her will leave you uplifted, calm and with gifts and insights too precious to measure.

Annette, in the truest, deepest part of her being, is an explorer, always looking to uncover the deeper Truth. She began taking personal growth and development courses which opened her to see herself and others in a whole new light. Annette experienced first hand, the depth of healing that occurs when able to gently and lovingly find a way back to Source. After an extraordinary experience in 2002, Annette’s path became clearer when she was introduced to Brandon Bay’s book, “The Journey”. Passionate to learn more about this remarkable tool to deepen her relationship with herself, and to share it with others, Annette became one of the first certified Journey Practitioners in Canada, having taken her training with Brandon in the US and the UK. She is now also a Certified Visionary Leadership Coach.

In her search for the source of Freedom and Peace, Annette has studied, and continues to study many different modalities. This enables her to look at issues from different points and access the most appropriate course for resolution, for herself as well as in her practice.

Currently, as well as being a Journey Practitioner, Certified Visionary Leadership Coach, and Presenter of both, Annette owns a wellness center in King City, Ontario. Her business, named ‘It’s All About You’ was created to reflect Annette’s passion for helping people. It offers a peaceful environment and safe refuge while at the same time exposing you to the most basic truths. Here, you can experience healing at the cellular level while enveloped in love and truth. Annette has a background in the corporate world, having worked for Coca Cola, Hewlett Packard and Enbridge Gas among others. She is a doting Grandmother and a loving friend.

Annette has followed her heart to this work. She’d love to help you discover where your heart would like to take you.