Genetic-Nutrition Counselling

Nutritional genetic or nutrigenetics is the study of how our individual genetic variations affect our response to diet, nutrient uptake, and lifestyle and how the interaction between nutrition and genes affects our health.

Through analysing your genetic blueprint (using saliva or cheek swap, DNA test results), we help you to improve your health and well-being by providing you with personalized actionable nutrition, exercise and lifestyle recommendations tailored to your unique genetic make-up. Some of the categories that are included in our testing and recommendations are:

- Diet and heart health

- Food Sensitivities (lactose, gluten, caffeine, alcohol, sodium)

- Specific Nutrient Needs (vitamins and minerals)

- Physical Fitness

- Mental Well-being

- Detoxification

- Obesity Risk

- Hormonal Health

- Pharmacogenetics (ability to metabolize and detoxify different medications)

- Tolerance to cannabis (whole, THC,CBD)

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