Sheena is a Bufo Practitioner, Sacred Space Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Desire Map Facilitator, Moon Circle Hostess, Yoga Instructor, a lover of all things furry, sparkle enthusiast, and a creative and crafty spirit.     

She started her healing journey many moons ago when she walked into her first yoga class. Since then she has spent the last 15 years dabbling in various healing modalities trying to find one that fit her needs and addressed the deep rooted causes of her unease and distress. Yoga helped open the door, whereas plant medicine has truly transcended all her expectations and shifted her life to something she could have only dreamed of.

Learning the art of Bufo in Mexico, Sheena carries a deep reverence and respect for this incredibly powerful sacred medicine. She leads ceremony with an open heart and open mind, and holds space for your very true self to shine through. Her ceremonies encourage opening of the heart and a deep, profound connection with source/creator.

Sheena hosts monthly New Moon circles in King City and the Niagara Region (as well as online), where she invites women of all ages to unburden themselves in a sacred space supported by her sisters. Circles are a simple and profound space for others to find our voice, speak authentically, share our truths, find courage and feel seen, understood and held. Through this ancient practice, so much personal and collective transformation can take place.

Sheena co-hosts Bufo + Kambo ceremonies with Thera Bullen primarily in King City and the Niagara region, but will happily travel if she is needed elsewhere. She welcomes private, semi-private and group ceremony bookings.