Rick Ulmer

I have always had an interest in holistic healing and while studying Clinical Acupuncture I developed a passion for how the body reacted when blockages were released and the correct energy patterns began to normalize and flow freely again. After completing my studies in Clinical Acupuncture in 1999, I then continued my studies at the International College of Bio-Energetic Medicine to learn about energy medicine with botanical and homeopathic remedies and how specific frequencies and potencies also assisted the human body to release the blockages within the body. Graduating is 2004, I certified as a Master “EAV” Practitioner specializing in electrodermal screening which is also known as Electro-acupuncture According to Voll or commonly expressed as EAV. Commissioned in 2005 with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, I have worked independently within various clinics in the West end of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. During that time, I have also certified as a Reiki Master (Okuden) and recently in early 2018 obtained certification in the unique Swiss method of the Atlas (Cervical C1) realignment known as AtlasProfilax