Parvaneh Assa

Holistic Nutritionist, Founder of Nutrinomix & Certified Genetic Test Provider

Parvaneh Assa (Ph.D., CNP) is a certified holistic nutritionist and the founder of Nutrinomix. Parvaneh graduated with first-class honors from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, North York Toronto Campus, where she now works as a part time faculty member teaching the course of body metabolism and its relation to nutrition. She is also a certified genetic test provider (AnantLife) and analyzer and holds a certificate for clinical aromatherapy from the Canadian Holistic Training Academy.

Before changing her career to natural health and holistic nutrition, Parvaneh had her Ph.D. in molecular biology and genetic engineering from the Middle East Technical University with high honors and a full scholarship. Post-graduation, she worked as a faculty member at different universities in Turkey.

Besides teaching undergraduate and graduate students, she was also an active scientist in university-industry collaboration projects, participated in scientific projects in various European countries, and published her research results in several international journals. Recently, she taught a Recombinant DNA Technology and Genetic Engineering course at York University (Helix Program).

Parvaneh believes that the treatment of all chronic health issues, must be done in a holistic (mind, body, spirit), natural, and personalized manner. That is why she takes the same approach when providing her clients with their nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle protocols.  She also tries to educate her clients, students, friends and family on the importance and value of prevention of health issues rather than waiting for the issues to happen and then spending lots of money, time and energy to treat them. 

Parvaneh is particularly passionate about nutrigenomics (a science studying the relationship between human genes, nutrition, and health), gastrointestinal health, microbiome, Blood sugar regulation, autoimmune-related issues, therapeutic effects of essential oils, and stress management. She strongly believes in our body’s innate ability to cure itself, provided with the proper nutrition and lifestyle.