Dr. Lily Hoang, ND


Dr. Lily Hoang is an accredited Naturopath with many years of experience in the health care industry. A knowledgeable and intuitive practitioner, Lily applies a clarity and simplicity to her approach that has helped numerous patients reach their long-term physical, emotional and spiritual health goals.
Lily has underpinned her approach to healing through her understanding of how everything exists in a dynamic energy flow. When this flow is stagnated or is blocked at any level be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, symptoms arise to reflect this disharmony. Lily uses modalities that she has learned across regions such as the high mountains of the Himalayas to the rice paddies of Vietnam to understand and release these blockages and to reinvigorate the self and its purpose.
Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, Lily utilizes a wide range of naturopathic treatment options which include clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, physical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, lifestyle counseling, homeopathy, in addition to esoteric acupuncture and Chi Nei Tsang.
In her travels Lily has worked with some of the most impoverished and marginal communities in the world as well as some of the most affluent and successful. She brings to her practice the ability to address health issues as severe as chronic illnesses and as diverse as fertility and family medicine.