Jonas Oliver

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

Jonas is an advanced clinical hypnotherapist, certified through the Leela School. The sessions are 100% confidential and he come from a place of non-judgement. Jonas' intention is to simply listen with a quiet mind and an open heart. he is present to let you feel heard and reflect back to you what is happening, guiding you to go deeper than your thoughts and emotions. In that, you will be supported to find your own innate wisdom and resources to heal and live a fulfilled life.


Jonas spent many years unhappy, stuck in his own unconscious habitual patterns, running from his fears and constantly chasing pleasures that never led to lasting fulfillment. Through hypnotherapy sessions, he finally found the happiness he was searching for his entire life. The self growth experienced was so inspiring that he realized his life’s purpose is not only to be happy, but to support others to be happy as well.