Kimberly Peace

Certified Colon Therapist

I was working a large pharmaceutical driven industry in marketing when I came to the realization that something was seriously wrong. I was helping to sell crap. I wasn’t helping society in this job, I was hurting it.

I began working in long term healthcare assisting frail residents. The more I worked with my patients, the more I saw a common issue: many of these folks didn’t poop without aid! This was a huge eye opener for me and the beginning of my respect for the bowel.

I then was introduced to Colonics. Ok, I admit that I was not gung-ho to have my bum cleaned at first, so I totally get the apprehension when my newbies come in for their first colonic. But I can honestly say, it changed my life for the better. I’ve simply reinvented myself through water!

My new passion in colon hydrotherapy drove me to help others help themselves – and here I am…ready to help you on your journey.  I’m giddy to say my age of 51 years! I have two grown sons that I have no problem keeping up with. I’m no angel and do indulge in crap sometimes (sorry body). But I’ve learned that stomach aches, bloating, exhaustion, ruddy (red complexion) and peeling nails are warning SIGNS of unhealthy eating! It has become my personal goal to help people learn how make healthy changes in their lives to improve their overall health and energy level.

So, just add water…down there!