If you don’t use it, you lose ….

By Michel Boily

Everyone knows the familiar saying, but does everyone apply it with regards to their own wellbeing? Many have excellent health insurance coverage through their employers or private insurance plans, but often those benefits remain unused or underutilized. By the end of the year, people find that they have not used up all their Massage Therapy allowance and sometimes not at all. Health insurance coverage is often equally available to immediate family members, including a stressed spouse and anxious college/ university students, but do you think of including them in your wellness plan?

Employers and insurance companies have long recognized the value of investing in preventive health care and maintaining wellness with massage and other therapies, rather than the higher cost of drugs, hospitals, rehab, loss time and worse. They believe you should use those benefits but it is up to you to make it work for you and your family.

In today’s frantic rush between work, family, kids sporting events, commuting and house chores, we too often forget to set time aside to look after ourselves. As 2013 is just beginning, why not include massage therapy in your wellness plan for the year. We recommend a 60 – 90 minute massage every 4 – 6 weeks. Most plans will cover this cost entirely. All you need to do is provide a floater amount for one session and submit your receipts promptly to get your reimbursement before your next session.

Book ahead to ensure this time is in your schedule and that you will get to see your therapist when it suits you. Don’t forget to include your spouse and children who are probably covered by your insurer (full coverage amount for each person) and who might need a session as much as you do.
Those without insurance should still value wellbeing with the same esteem and include regular care in their schedule and budget. – If you don’t look after your health, you will lose it! –
Just as a reminder, here are the main benefits you can derive from regular massage therapy:

• Reduced stress
• Reduced muscle tension
• Improved blood circulation
• Better digestion
• Improved sleep
• Increased range of motion
• Reduced inflammation
• Muscle balance
• Better coordination
• Feeling of peace and wellbeing

For serious or chronic physical injuries resulting from falls, sporting / car accidents or other types of physical trauma, consider Matrix Repatterning Therapy which is offered at It’s All About You and is also covered under Massage Therapy by health insurance companies.