Be willing to step our of your comfort zone and into your full potential. It’s never too late and you’re never too old. Spiritual Life Coaching will guide you on a journey of discovering what your true passions are and what steps you can take to begin creating the life of your dreams. The unique aspect of Spiritual Life Coaching is that it relies on one key ingredient to manifest success: the magic of the universe! Learn how to meditate, be still, and tap into your greatest source of wisdom within, connect with spirit guides, understand synchronicity, and work in tandem with the universe to achieve all that you were meant to in this lifetime. Examine your motivators and fears, and learn to distinguish between the voices of the ego, inner critic, and how to listen with love to the true voice emanating from deep within your soul. Spiritual Life Coaching is an experience like no other, giving you the tools and confidence to take control of your life’s path and purpose.

What Spiritual Life Coaching will teach you:

  • How to discover your true passions
  • How to take action to start living a life of passion
  • How to connect with the universe
  • How to connect with spirit guides
  • How to channel angels and ascended masters
  • How to work with loved ones on the other side
  • How to meditate
  • How to work with synchronicity
  • How to listen to the voice of truth
  • What your fears and motivators are
  • How to discover what’s in your sacred contract
  • How to start living according to your sacred contract
  • How to live a life of bliss and peace

$54 for 45 minutes
$75 for 60 minutes

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