Let thy Food be thy Medicine – Hippocrates

The human body is an elegant system that relies on the presence and proper ratios of various vitamins, minerals and nutrients to function. Unfortunately, in today’s society despite food seemingly abundant and at times excessive, there is a growing concern with regards to malnutrition. More than ever, the cause of disease can be traced back to a vitamin, mineral or a nutrient deficiency. Therefore, nutrition and the therapeutic use of foods is a cornerstone of Naturopathic medicine. With the assistance of a Naturopathic Doctor, a thorough assessment of one’s diet is conducted in order to identify nutritional and dietary factors that may be contributing to one’s health concerns. Consequently, nutritional strategies that promote balance, reverse dysfunction and restore normal function in the body will be presented. Furthermore, one will also be educated on topics such quality of food, healthier cooking, and dietary and nutritional supplements so as to facilitate one in continuing to make informed and intelligent choices everyday and for life.

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