The term “myofascia” pertains to the covering, or casing tissue (fascia) on every muscle (myo).  Whether one has had an injury (one-time event), or stress on an area of the body over a prolonged period (bad postural habits, for example), inflammation and/or deformation in the area often affects the fascia, altering its proper function.  This manifests as areas where adjacent layers of fascia become adhered to each other, or to the overlying skin layer.

Myofascial Release focuses on the release of such areas; this restores muscle alignment and function, which usually results in increased strength and flexibility, better stability in associated joints, decrease of muscle pain/pulling, and altered sensation, numbness or tingling.

Treatments involve evaluation at the “WHOLE BODY” level, because the muscle fascia works as a continuous fabric with other connective tissues, and must be treated with that in mind.

Myofascial Release may be “massage-like” – done directly on the skin, but with less lubricant (to allow engagement of the fascial layers).  Some areas of the body are more effectively treated through fabric. Most clients find it as or more relaxing as Swedish massage, because, when done properly, fascial release is soothing to the nervous system.

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