Kambo Bufo Summer Ceremonies


July 12 & August 9 - Open Ceremony Day

Come sit with Kambo or Bufo, or both! 

What is an Open Ceremony Day? We open the ceremonial circle in the AM and people are free to drop into the circle at any time throughout the day, providing it is between the hours of 10am - 6pm. These ceremonies will be performed outside, weather permitting. In case of rain, we will move into another space on the property.

Pre-registration / pre-payment is not required, however we do need to know that you are coming to ensure there are no contraindications present prior to sitting with the medicine. Health forms will be available on-site or can be emailed over pre-ceremony.

What is a Closed Group Ceremony? Pre-registration is required for these groups and we cap the group off at 10 people. Ceremony begins at 10am and we are typically done by about 4pm. Thera and Sheena then provide snacks and cacao as well as a group integration. You're welcome to join an existing group or create one of your own. We have selective dates available through the week for private groups or private and semi/private ceremonies.

Contact us for more details and obtain investment information.