Join us in a talk on “How To Put The Break on Stress"

@karen_theimer is hosting an in person talk about Stress and how you can help support your Mind, Body and improve your health with Organo spores and Dr. Bob's Stress Reset Drops on April 19th with guest speaker @organolovers Camilla Hiller, who is coming to town all the way from Sweden!!

Here is a little bit about Camilla:

Camilla overcame childhood trauma, abuse, addiction and a failed Bariatric surgery through an eight-year long rehab.

She embarked on a healing journey of going sugar and gluten- free, which inspired her to write books about her journey!!.

Her dream was to create pure and clean products without sugar, gluten-additives to help others discover a healthier life.

Today, she produces self-care food and supplement with the aim of healing trauma and reducing stress with a balance rather than dieting

Reserve your spot today as space is limited!