Dharma draws upon the principles and disciplines of yoga to encourage equality and harmony among people, which in the end encourages selfless behaviour.

The Dharma Fund at It’s All About You, serves those who have a deep calling to experience self-transformation, but do not have the financial means to attend an event, retreat, or weekend with us. This program has provided many with the extraordinary opportunity to gather with others in a setting that supports real tools for real healing. The Dharma Fund is continually created through donations, fundraising events and direct support from It’s All About You.

The criteria used for receiving a discount through the Dharma Fund include a strong commitment to experience workshops and retreats offered at It’s All About You, a serious financial need, and the amount of funds available in the Dharma Fund.

If you have a deep desire to attend an event, but are unable to because of financial considerations, The Dharma Fund offers financial assistance for events, retreats, and workshops at It’s All About You.

For more information about the Dharma Fund contact us at info@itsallaboutyou.ca

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