13oct - 15oct 136:00 pmoct 15Healing with Conscious Communicationwith Annette Nolan6:00 pm - 6:00 pm (15) Its All About You, 14550 Dufferin Ave

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Process Work That Opens Your Heart

A 2½ day weekend filled with powerful, dynamic process work that will open your heart, transforming your ability to communicate consciously, elegantly, effortlessly from your deepest self, facilitating profound healing and transformation on yourself and others. Jam-packed with inspiring skills.

At this weekend you’ll discover the immense effect our verbal and non-verbal communication has on our physiology, behavior and emotions, and you’ll learn how to influence others’ wellbeing, healthily and wholesomely. You’ll experience directly, personally, a vast variety of healing therapies and process work and learn how to apply and use these powerful skills gracefully and trans formatively in your life. You’ll leave feeling alive, inspired and ready to facilitate deep transformation with clients, loved ones and family.

Friday evening:  6:00pm -10:00pm

Saturday and Sunday  9:30am – 6pm

Do you ever say things that just do not come out the way you meant them to? Do you find yourself in difficult conversations that trigger a negative response in someone else that you just did not intend to happen? Do you argue or find yourself face to face with confrontational situations and realize you don’t remember how you got to the point of escalation or even what triggered the argument in the first place? Do you wish you could just help people, and yourself, heal with your words, thoughts and gracious presence?

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Well, June 16th is your lucky weekend!

Healing with Conscious Communication (HCC) is a life-transforming course that allows you to understand your communication style and how it plays a vital role in the ability to heal others who spend time with you. This workshop creates time for reflecting on how you communicate with the people in your life, it will help you discover how various forms of your communication can be perceived in other ways than your initial, intended meaning and most importantly, it gives you the tools to be able to mend any relationships where barriers have been built over time.

Some of the deepest realizations over this weekend workshop will come out of the short journey processes that you will practice in partners in a supportive environment where beautiful healing can take place. This grace-filled energy and caring atmosphere, in combination with the shorter mini journey process therapy work, will help you discover how to release phobias and fears that are dictating your life’s actions & reactions. You will uncover foundational beliefs that are controlling negative habits and patterns in your life & you will also learn a 6-step reframe mini journey process that some participants report as being “the most profound on their healing path.”

HCC can start you on your journey to healing all areas of your life whether it is personal, work-related situations or even just common family quarrels or annoyances. It all starts by recognizing how you communicate and adjusting your communication patterns according to ever-changing situations.

Every day is an action and reaction, an ebb and flow of life, an exchange of energy between beings and it is important to realize how you are participating in life through constant communication. Whether you perceive your communication style to be positive or negative, you will discover powerful skills that are important to creating prosperity, and facilitating other people’s healing through your words; Thus, leaving you to feel alive, inspired and ready to create deep transformation with your clients, loved ones, colleagues, friends and family.

In this wonderful 2 ½ day retreat, you will experience directly and personally a variety of healing therapies and journey process work to assist you to clear away any blockages that you may have with your communication style and walk away with immediate practical and easy-to-use skills for your every day life.




13 (Friday) 6:00 pm - 15 (Sunday) 6:00 pm


Its All About You

14550 Dufferin Ave



25oct - 29novoct 259:00 amnov 29Praxis Leadership Academy Module IIIwith Skip Lackey(october 25) 9:00 am - (november 29) 6:00 pm Its All About You, 14550 Dufferin Ave

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Leading Yourself First – The Insight Experience

Discovering What Engagement Leadership Really Is

  Module III – Oct 25 – 29,  2017
King City Ontario (Just North of Toronto)

Facilitated by PLA Founder: Skip Lackey

Now that you are clear about who you are as a leader, let’s get clear about what you WANT! In Module II – you will again be introduced to verified techniques that will allow you to determine the personal legacy you desire to leave behind.  This will systematically unfold as your personal mission, vision, and value systems are clearly stated and you discover how they coincide with the culture you wish to create within your company or business. This amendable awareness will produce a tangible shift in your ability to be resilient and quickly embrace new changes and challenges in the workplace should they arise.

A key element to this session lies in the ability to embrace change and help others to do the same. You will walk away with a deeper sense of personal awareness and responsibility at home, work and life.

Skills learned during Module III:

  • Above The Line / Below The Line
  • Embody Resilience During a Crisis
  • My Need to Control / Comply / Rebel
  • Engagement Leadership / Micro Management / Abdication
  • Embracing Input and Asking for Feedback as a Leader
  • Working with Authentic and Purposeful Communication
  • Running Meetings with Six Thinking Hats
  • Values Hierarchy
  • Full Circle Visioning
  • Introduction to The Enneagram at Work
  • Phobic Leadership – Should/Shouldn’t/Must/Can’t
  • Leadership Games
  • Understanding your Team and What Motivates Them
  • Empowering Leadership – Becoming a Coach to your Team
  • The Power of Resilience
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • The Customer Comes Last – Full Being Engagement for Success

Non-Residential: 5-day seminar

The Praxis Leadership Academy (PLA) is not your typical leadership training program where you are given a set of prefabricated rules to follow and then left to figure out where and how to apply them. Instead, you are offered a specialized training partnership based upon what today’s non-conventional leaders are implementing in order to increase revenue and create a workplace environment built upon trust, awareness and an unstoppable desire to collaborate, perform and succeed.


October 25 (Wednesday) 9:00 am - November 29 (Wednesday) 6:00 pm


Its All About You

14550 Dufferin Ave

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